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Safety on the Waves: Ensuring Passenger Security with Expert Ferry Boat Builders

There is nothing quite like getting out on the water. Being on the ocean is an exhilarating, restorative experience and a great way to enjoy New Zealand’s natural beauty. 

Most Kiwis have taken to the seas at some point in their lives, whether fishing with family over summer, jet boating down Queenstown’s Kawarau River, or catching the ferry to Waiheke Island. The feel of the water, the smell of salt in the air and the unique perspective of looking back at the land are all part of the appeal. 

Unfortunately, we’ve all heard horror stories about boat safety – or lack thereof. Regardless of the type of craft you are in, safety is paramount to ensure a positive, stress-free experience. For commercial ferry boats, guaranteeing passenger safety is crucial. 

Ferry operators are responsible for the safe transportation of passengers from one location to another. It’s about getting them there and doing it safely. While there are basic safety checks every boat should complete before setting sail, the boat build phase is of the utmost importance.

That’s where reputable ferry boat builders come in. With our design and manufacturing expertise at Circa Marine, we create the highest-quality ferry boats on the market. It’s our mission to deliver safe, economical and low-maintenance vessels to get you where you need to go – so you can have confidence at sea.



Designed For Safety

Your safety and that of your passengers are our top priority, and our NZMITO-trained ferry boat builders are highly qualified and skilled. They understand the importance of safe sailing and aim to deliver just that. When you are at sea, you must be able to rely on your vessel to take you to your destination safely, and you should be able to trust the quality of your boat’s structure, equipment and systems.  

Our team of dedicated designers, engineers and craftsmen goes the extra mile to construct a vessel you can trust at sea, even when conditions or circumstances change. We meet the requirements of numerous classification organisations, including Lloyd’s Register, DNC, GL, CE and MCA. 

We design boats that promise more than simply staying afloat on water. Our ferry boats are built to handle changing weather conditions and other unpredictable events that can occur on the water. They are stable, nimble and have a high carrying capacity to accommodate an extensive passenger load.


A Hands-On Approach 

To ensure quality control, our knowledgeable staff completes all work in-house at our well-equipped Whangarei workshop. 

We proudly offer a one-stop shop for the entire ferry building process, from the initial design development, which uses the latest technology to ensure accuracy and superiority, through the construction stage, including electrical and mechanical installation, all the way to the interior fit-out and painting.  

By combining high-quality materials with expert design and skilful engineering, we create outstanding products that exceed your expectations.

Testing, Testing
Rest assured that before you or your passengers set foot on your new ferry boat, it has undergone exhaustive testing. We check that every system is running as it should be and that every individual element is in full functioning mode. Our extensive sea trials guarantee that every vessel we produce is ready and able to set sail. 

Once we’ve completed the necessary operational tests and safety checks, we conduct a comprehensive owner orientation and training period. Here, our engineers will guide you through the operation of your ferry so you have all the information you need to leave the shore with confidence.

Safer Storage
Our ferry boats can be customised to include tailor-made storage facilities. This enables crew members to stow large items and keep potentially hazardous objects, such as luggage and prams, away from steps, aisles and gangways. 

A Light Touch
We work with aluminium, which is a robust, lightweight material with an impressive strength-to-weight ratio. Our boat builders can manufacture craft that are both lightweight and durable. 

This approach means our boats have better fuel efficiency and manoeuvrability and, due to their lightweight nature, increased agility and responsiveness on the water. This enables your ferry to navigate choppy waters and narrow passages while maintaining a good rate of knots and providing a stable ride for your passengers.

Preventing Corrosion

Corrosion in any vessel translates to a lack of safety, which is why our aluminium boats are a safer choice. Aluminium is naturally resistant to corrosion, preventing the development of rust caused by saltwater and requiring very little upkeep. 

Choose Circa Marine ferry boat builders to trust the structural integrity of your vessel with a quality aluminium build designed to withstand the harshness of salty environments and last for years to come. Our marine-grade aluminium is the most durable, effective choice for corrosion-free, safer sailing.  

Speak To Our Friendly Team

For all your premium boat-building needs, don’t look past Circa Marine. As experts in the industry for more than 40 years, it’s safe to say we know what we’re doing. Whether you are looking for an exceptional ferry boat, a reliable small fishing craft or a luxury yacht, talk to Circa Marine today


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