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Trailer Boats

Discover Circa Marine, your aluminium boat building expert.

When it comes to building trailer boats, Circa Marine are the experts.

Alongside our blue water cruising boats that provide global opportunities to throw out a line - and the ability to build you the boat of your dreams - we also design and manufacture our own range of trailer boats right here on site.

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Trailer and Fishing Boat Builders In NZ

Encompassing all the things we have learned about fishing boats building over more than three decades in the business, our services have been streamlined and honed to perfection. We are proud to offer you several options in the Circa range, designed by owner Bruce Farrand.

The Circa range of aluminium boats are renowned for their soft ride in all conditions. These craft are sought after by avid fishermen who know the reputation of our Circa hulls across water performance and safety at sea.

Coming in four sizes: CIRCA 600, 700, 850 & 950, our boats forefront comfort, durability, high-quality construction and excellent performance. Built to handle rough offshore conditions, they are also available with a wide range of customisable features.

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Circa 600

An agile craft with a towing weight of 2200kg, the Circa 600 offers a comfortable small vessel solution for a day out on the lines, based on the very successful Circa 6m, updated with modern lines. Featuring Elite bolster seats with slides and swivels, this is a compact, high-performance option for the casual but serious fisherperson that maximises manoeuvrability and features a sleek, safety-focused design, a full glass windscreen and sliding windows.

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Circa 700

The Circa 700 sports a fully lined cabin with upholstered squabs and enough grunt to spend the day on the water in comfort and enjoy a good range of on-water activities. This versatile and reliable craft has a 300-litre fuel tank for cruising the coastline or heading out into deep water to chase the whoppers. Available with a range of optional extras.

Circa 850

Performance, style and comfort combine in the Circa 850. This boat is an ideal runner for the experienced angler who wants to chase the big ones out in deep water. A 6mm curved glass windscreen keeps you safe and dry as you take on all kinds of conditions. Along with a Portofino transom, you can expect a smooth ride in the spacious interior that features contemporary fittings and optional extras. Available on either inboard or outboard models.

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Circa 950

The Circa 950 is designed to shine with twin 300hp Yamaha outboards. For the truly serious fisho who spends a lot of time on the water game fishing, deep water fishing or taking friends and family on weekend trips. This is a premium craft with an outstanding finish and great cruising capability. Fitted with a 600-litre fuel tank, this boat guarantees a great day out, where comfort, functionality and safety combine to produce an elite experience.

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The Circa range is designed and built by experts, and we also offer luxury motor yacht options for a worldwide fishing experience in comfort and style. We stand by our range and offer a broad range of extras and customisations, so you can make her your own.

Contact us now to chat about your dream boat or order from our in-house range of Trailer Boats  - or our Passagemaker Boats.

"We took our Circa FPB 64-8 into the Southern Ocean, across the Pacific Ocean and up as far as Alaska.  The Dashew design is focused on safety, comfort and efficiency and it certainly delivered.  Design is one thing but it’s the engineering and construction that delivers the result.  The Circa build was so solid that even in 7-9m seas we would not even hear the fit out creak.  Literally no flex in the hull even when we dropped through a hole and fell 5m into a trough.  Aluminium is the best hull material for hard-core passage-making but it is vulnerable to electrolysis - the build never let us down with no noticeable corrosion over our ownership.  Marine systems such as solar, navigation, power generation and reticulation, water and sewerage, HVAC etc are by definition complex and always being upgraded.  Circa was a critical resource for us to manage our boat - we could always rely on quality support when we most needed it.  It’s surprising how hard it is to find good marine engineers around the world!  
We saw many other boats on our travels and were invariably proud to show off 64-8 to other experienced owners.  The overall package impressed, as well as many details like the perfect welds, finely-crafted joinery and easy-to-access areas for maintenance.  The final testimony is that we did not even have to put the boat on the market to find an eager buyer.  We continue to value our relationship with Circa and heartily recommend them to future owners who have serious adventure in mind.”

Kind Regards,
Stefan Preston