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The project required meticulous planning and collaboration between our design team and the client to meet the stringent design brief.

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Our custom marine joinery services are second to none, promising premium craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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Circa Marine has been offering boat building services for vessels of a variety of applications and sizes for many years. If you’re considering a refit, read on to learn more about what refits are, key considerations for a successful refit, and what it looks like to work with our team on a refit.

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Owning a custom yacht is more than a purchase; it’s a journey. An exciting venture that gives you the opportunity to transform your vision into a reality. While there are many yachts available off the rack on the market, there’s something magical about a custom sailboat, and that’s where we come in.

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Luxury boat construction is an art form. It’s about balancing form and function and producing the most beautiful interior possible while ensuring a seamless experience across the length of your project and your time on the water.

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Circa Marine is a team of New Zealand yacht builders redefining what it means to be a part of this industry.

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The experience of being on the water in New Zealand is incomparable, offering a refreshing connection to nature's beauty. Whether fishing, jet boating, or ferrying to islands, Kiwis cherish these moments. However, safety concerns are paramount, especially for commercial ferry operators responsible for passenger welfare. Circa Marine, with its expertise in ferry boat design and construction, prioritises safety, ensuring passengers can enjoy their journeys with confidence.

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Circa Marine are proud to announce the recent launch of the new 17.5m “Waikare II“ Catamaran for the Northland Regional Council.

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Deciding you are ready to build the boat of your dreams is an incredibly exciting moment, and most people have been thinking about the intricacies of what this looks like for many years before putting plans into action

Superyacht fabrication is a very particular art form, and when you are investing in a vision of this size, it’s important to have the right team behind you in order to bring that vision to life. There is a huge range of practical and aesthetic design points to be considered, and the primary element of a successful project is a collaborative approach with a crew that is able to deliver a turnkey solution.

Choosing to collaborate with superyacht fabrication specialists who are able to offer you a highly polished and professional service across design, mechanical and electrical installation, interior fit-out, vessel refit, refurbishment, and painting will ensure that you receive streamlined, end-to-end service.

At Circa Marine, superyacht fabrication is one of the things we do best - and we have over 40 years of aluminium boat-building experience under our belts to back us up. Here, we will chat about the process we set in motion when you get in touch with us to build your dream boat.


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In the wide world of ocean exploration, marine recreation and commercial enterprise, your choice of a boat is a crucial decision that influences your overall experience on the water. Among the options available, aluminium boats offer a range of advantages that tip the balance in their favour for use across a variety of applications. 

In this blog, we highlight some insights provided by one of New Zealand's leading aluminium boat builders, with a special focus on a few key advantages that make aluminium boats a preferred choice for those who wish to traverse the globe, take a cheeky day out in the bay - or for businesses that rely on durable, lightweight equipment to keep their enterprise afloat.

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Picture yourself venturing forth to the untouched corners of the world with this exquisite 3D flyover of the Circa 40m Explorer by LOMOcean design. 

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From the world-renowned New Zealand builder, The Circa Marine 24m offers you all you need to explore the world’s oceans in safety, economy & comfort. With a robust aluminium construction and without the complexity seen in other designs, the Circa 24 provides easy to understand systems with ample redundancy, ensuring ease of use, wether short-handed or with minimal crew.

No other builder of this style of adventure/explorer vessel in the 20 to 30m range has the experience of Circa Marine, with 20 offshore passage-making explorer yachts launched to date.


These vessels are designed and built with protection of the environment they operate in being a dominate design must have. Not only are these vessels built from recyclable aluminium, and natural timbers but also the hull design and pairing with the most efficient conventional engine and driveline system to achieve class beating economy figures.


The Circa 24 is also able to be configured (the ability to match this hull) with Electric drive hybrid options that can further improve this already low carbon footprint.



The Circa’s 24m delivers safe economic low maintenance passage-making, using real world data, our Circa 24m burns less than 20 L/hr (US 5.28 Gal/hr) at 10 knots or 30 L/hr (US 7.92 Gal/hr) at 11.5knots, with the same driveline able to propel the vessel along at a speedy 13.5-14 knots.


We offer the Circa 24m with unparalleled customisation opportunity to personalise your vessel.

To start your adventure contact us today to discuss options, 2023 Prices start from NZ $7.5 million.


You’ve seen the rest, now experience the best. 


“Your journey awaits.” Contact, Peter Barnard for more information:


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