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Catamaran Builders NZ

Circa Marine has been building quality boats for decades.

Circa Marine is the crew to call when you are ready to build your dream boat.

If you already have a design or want to work with our trusted partners, we are on board to help you access premium possibilities for your multi-hull project.

The Circa Marine team can guide you as you make all the decisions necessary for your cruising lifestyle or commercial operation, from interior design to practical advice; our experienced team are here to help.

We have a streamlined process in place to ensure your build goes smoothly from inception all the way to launch.

Throughout your build, our Project Management team can liaise with all involved parties, including suppliers, architects, designers and client or owner representatives. We monitor your build every step of the way and are on board to work with you to develop the vessel to your requirements. 

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Launching Your Catamaran

Once Circa Marine has completed the building phase, it’s time to ensure that your vessel can handle all sorts of different sea and weather conditions. We put the craft through a rigorous sea trial process to ensure the vessel and all onboard systems are ready for service.

On top of this process, the Circa Marine team works with every new owner to train and familiarise the client or crew with all the systems, equipment and vessel features. This builds confidence and enables you and your crew to get the most out of your vessel once you set sail.

Once your adventure is underway, the team at Circa Marine are there to support you with advice, technical support and material or equipment sourcing anytime you need. Our team values and treasures the excellent ongoing relationships we develop with all our customers.


Our Catamarans

Over the last 40 years, we have had the great pleasure of working with some real adventurers, and our NZ team have flexed and grown as the technology evolved. 

A wide variety of commercial and recreational aluminium catamarans are built at our Whangarei workshops. Whatever the hull form might be - planing, displacement or a sailing catamaran - Circa Marine is the team to contact to discuss your new build.

Our recent work includes the 17.5m workboat & pilot vessel 'Waikare II’. Featuring a large working deck with heavy-duty marine cranes and winches, the “Waikare II” will be used for maintenance and pilot operations around Northland's long coastline and harbours.    

Details of the catamaran options available.

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At Circa Marine, we have over four decades of experience in the boat building business, and we always aim to exceed your expectations across planning, construction, management and delivery.

Contact us now to chat about your wishlist for your multi-hull project.


“We commissioned Circa Marine to build us an expedition yacht, intended for our use as a couple for both coastal and offshore cruising. We had some input into the systems and the interiors. The Circa crew were lovely to work with, and their management was unfailingly ethical in their dealings with us. They educated and trained us extensively on our complicated vessel and have continued to be a source of material and technical support.

I suppose the strongest endorsement we can offer is that several years ago we commissioned them again, to build us a larger yacht!”

Please give our regards to Bruce and Thomas.

Stan and Val