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Specialising in quality aluminium fabrication of Yachts, Catamarans, Fishing Boats, Ferries, Workboats, Barges and Launches.

Our Boats

All work is completed in-house by our highly experienced NZMITO trained & skilled staff.


This is a critical step in the process, and we work with some of the worlds best designers to ensure we have the right vessel for your needs, alternatively, we will work with any designer you prefer or have an association with.

The Contract

We will assist you throughout the negotiations and contract phase. As this phase is the most critical step for a successful project, the Circa Marine new build team will provide feedback on the specifications, the general arrangement and the contract. Key contractual elements, such as budget allowances, noise and vibration levels, delays, penalties and more, will be diligently negotiated. 

Project Management

Your Project Management Team will be available throughout the construction of your new build project, acting as a liaison with the shipyard, designers, naval architects and all other parties involved. Our goal is to ensure the process is efficient, cost effective and according to your preferences. We will closely monitor the project, making sure timelines are met and help resolve any challenges that may arise.

Sea Trials & Delivery

We undertake exhaustive sea trials, and put the vessel through it’s full range of operating parameters to ensure every system and element work as per it’s specifications.  Once this is complete, the owner orientation and training period begins, where our engineers work alongside the new owner to ensure all the vessels systems and operation are understood before you depart for your adventure.

After Sales Support

We are here to not only build your vision but to also build a long-standing relationship with our client, so we offer a worldwide technical and maintenance support service, so you can be sure you have the full factory back up of your vessel.

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We can offer a turnkey service to clients who are looking for a complete solution to realise their dream work-horse or luxury yacht.