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We build, refit and refurbish luxurious aluminium boats.

Circa is also home to the FPB range of explorer yachts designed by Dashew.

This range of aluminium vessels comprises the FPB 64, FPB 70, FPB 78, and FPB 97, and there are 17 exceptional Circa-built FPB yachts currently exploring the planet’s oceans.

The FPB Project was retired at its peak alongside Steve Dashew; Steve’s intention was always to produce a limited series ending at its peak to maintain demand and exclusivity for these vessels

These boats were considered to be the last word in blue water cruising until Circa unleashed and produced its very own successful Circa explorer yacht, the Circa 24m. In 2023, we already have two of our exceptional luxury aluminium yachts sailing the world, with more on the horizon.

Our highly experienced, trained & skilled craftsmen complete all work in-house, including mechanical and electrical installation, luxurious interior fit-outs, fairing and painting.


Dashew FPB64


The FPB64 is a 19.5m aluminium monohull built strong and tough, with a functional, luxurious interior, driven by a single John Deere 6068 engine with a Yanmar auxiliary “get home” driveline. The hull design and driveline were developed with efficiency and comfort in mind, and the interior layout provides a spacious saloon and galley on the main deck with owners, guests and a single crew berth below.

The FPB64 was ahead of its time, setting the standard for offshore power boats and passagemakers. This rugged aluminium yacht, designed by an expert yachtsman with many years of sailing experience to handle anything Mother Nature conjures up, changed the concept of cruising efficiently without sails. 

This line of FPB boats was very successful, with 11 of these sought-after vessels being built before the project cycle concluded. Circa Marine proudly built all of these exceptional vessels, and we continue to support them and their owners. 

With safety in mind, there are multiple redundancies on all main systems, ensuring self-reliance for remote cruising locations.

LOA: 64.95′ / 19.85m ICLL: 63.6′ / 19.4m Beam: 17.04′ / 5.22m
Draft: 4.5′ / 1.37m Range: 5,500nm Cruise: 9.5 kts
Fuel Capacity: 12,800L Fresh Water: 6,800L  

Dashew FPB70


This vessel was the final design of the FPB Series, with the development and hull design emerging from the various hull designs of the FPB range.

Another successful design produced by Dashew Offshore and Circa Marine there are two of these vessels sailing our oceans. This model has the widest stern design of the FPB series proportionally, providing more lift aft and a reduction in pitching in a head sea.

The FPB70 features twin John Deere 4085 engines and drivelines and an enclosed and raised flybridge/matrix deck for incredible visibility and command underway. Down below, the main deck houses the saloon and galley, with the accommodation deck below comprising an office, master cabin, and double guest and twin guest/crew berth.

LOA: 78′ / 23.8m ICLL: 75.4′ / 23m Beam: 18′ / 5.5m
Draft: 5.1′ / 1.55m Range: 5,000nm Cruise: 10.5 kts
Fuel Capacity: 15,100L Fresh Water: 10,000L  

Dashew FPB78


This vessel shares similar attributes with the later developed FPB70; the 78 is driven with twin John Deere 6068 engines and sports an enclosed flybridge/matrix deck for incredible all-around visibility underway.

The main deck features a comfortable saloon and galley, with the accommodation deck below housing the spacious master cabin, double guest and twin guest/crew berth.

Another great Dashew design, the FPB78 is safe, predictable and comfortable, with a focus on the narrow stern and bow for surfability and comfortable motion for this hull.

LOA: 86.2′ / 26.7m ICLL: 83.66′ / 25.5m Beam: 20′ / 6.1m
Draft: 4.9′ / 1.5m Range: 5,500nm Cruise: 11.0 kts
Fuel Capacity: 18,350L Fresh Water: 7,400L  

Dashew FPB97


This aluminium offshore cruising vessel is the flagship of the FPB series and the pinnacle of Steve Dashew's motor yacht design; this magnificent, rugged and luxurious yacht is beautifully proportioned and capable of handling extreme offshore conditions in comfort and safety.

The first of the larger FPBs, this design is the predecessor to the FPB78 and 70 models. A successful hull was originally designed with twin 6068 John Deere’s, then later replaced with twin 500hp John Deere. This vessel features a large flybridge/matrix deck, a central helm position, and a convertible dining area/daybed for complete luxury - below is a spacious saloon with an entertainment-capable galley.

Head downstairs to find a study/office and expansive owners suite complete with sauna; this accommodation deck also features a large double guest cabin, a triple guest cabin and a twin crew cabin, all with ensuites.

LOA: 111’′ / 33.8m ICLL: 107.5′ / 32.75m Beam: 20.4′ / 6.3m
Draft: 4.9′ / 1.5m Range: 5,000nm Cruise: 11.5 kts
Fuel Capacity: 18,900L    

Confidence at Sea

At sea, you are totally dependent on your vessel, so you must trust the design, the quality of structure, and the systems and equipment. At Circa, our design team, engineers and craftsmen understand how important this is, so we go the extra mile to build in the highest quality to give you this confidence at sea.

Functionality, Style & Versatility 

Key principles of the FPB series have been retained and developed for current and future Circa Builds.

To discover our superior range of 20-24 metre Circa offshore passagemakers and explorer vessels, visit our Circa Boats page.

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“As the original buyer of FPB 64 #5 we want to convey our experience with Circa Marine and Industrial during the time we built and owned our vessel. Since we had built and owned 6 different vessels, we researched Circa Marine prior to signing our contract to build our vessel. The experience was without a doubt the best possible outcome we could have imagined. From the very first day to delivery of our vessel Circa Marine excelled in every aspect of the build. The aluminum fabrication was of the highest quality and on time.


The systems installed were also of the highest quality and the workmanship was superb. We couldn’t have asked for a better company to work with and our after delivery support never stopped.
The big question is, would we build another vessel with Circa Marine and the answer is absolutely we would.”

John and Sandra Henrichs