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Boat Building Services

Circa Marine - Boat Building Services NZ Experts.

At Circa Marine, our highly experienced and skilled staff complete all work in-house, offering new build and vessel refit and refurbishment services.

We work closely with our clients, always going above and beyond to produce an ideal turnkey solution for your luxury or commercial vessel build.

We provide aluminium and steel fabrication, full engineering and electrical services, and top-quality interior designs that will meet any required standard.

In addition, our engineering and foundry departments support our custom boat building operation, creating and supplying a large range of marine products which can be custom-made to your requirements.

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Building, Refitting & Refurbishment

Craftsmanship and technology combine in our workspaces as we work to produce exceptional aluminium watercraft that can be custom-built to your specifications from 3 metres up to 40 metres.

Circa is also home to the FPB range of explorer yachts designed by Dashew. This range of aluminium vessels comprises the FPB 64, FPB 70, FPB 78, and the FPB 97. There are 17 of these exceptional Circa built FPB yachts currently exploring the planet’s oceans. 

These boats were considered to be the last word in blue water cruising until Circa unleashed and produced its very own successful Circa explorer yacht, the Circa 24m. In 2023, we already have two of these exceptional luxury aluminium yachts sailing the world, with more on the horizon.

Craftsmanship & Technology

Alongside producing our own range and creating dream projects for our bespoke clients, Circa Marine offers a comprehensive refitting and refurbishment service for many types of water craft, from superyachts all the way through to commercial vessels.

Combining skill, marine architecture, and contemporary technology, we use 3D scanning equipment and structural design by LOMOcean Marine. Circa Marine can extend, renovate and construct key features, including bridge deck additions, vessel extensions, transoms, swim steps and beach clubs. 

Our refitting and refurbishments include complete interior strip-outs, design and rebuilds. We can replumb, redesign your electrical system, fit exceptional entertaining features and provide ensuites, hot tubs and other high-end accommodation and galley features.

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Circa offers a turnkey service to those clients who require a complete solution. Realise your dream, from a daily workhorse to a luxury yacht.

As the original buyer of FPB 64 #5 we want to convey our experience with Circa Marine and Industrial during the time we built and owned our vessel. Since we had built and owned 6 different vessels, we researched Circa Marine prior to signing our contract to build our vessel. The experience was without a doubt the best possible outcome we could have imagined. From the very first day to delivery of our vessel Circa Marine excelled in every aspect of the build. The aluminum fabrication was of the highest quality and on time. The systems installed were also of the highest quality and the workmanship was superb. We couldn't have asked for a better company to work with and our after delivery support never stopped. The big question is, would we build another vessel with Circa Marine and the answer is absolutely we would."

John and Sandra Henrichs