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Circa Marine has been building premium workboats for decades.

The term ‘workboats’ can cover a wide range of vessel types and functions.

Circa Marine has the capacity to work with you to build the perfect vessel for your requirements, having produced aluminium pilot boats, rescue boats, fishing boats, research vessels, support vessels and general workboats.

Workboats employed in harbour and terminal operations work across towing, line handling, pushing, berth assistance, pollution control, fire fighting, and maintenance services.

Our fishing boats are suitable for a range of applications, including fishing for crayfish, snapper, flounder or tuna. We can work with you to replace your existing vessel or add to your fleet.

Offshore, you may need a workboat for your oil, gas or wind operation, and our workboats are built to handle heavy seas, safe crew delivery, platform supply duties, and dive and maintenance support.

We build workboats suitable for hydrographical and seismic surveys, and recently, Northland Regional Council staff have used their workboat “Waikare” (a 16m Aluminum catamaran) in a hypothetical oil spill exercise on Tutukaka Harbour.

The successor to the Circa-built “Waikare” is another Catamaran at 17.5m, which is due to be delivered by Circa Marine in January 2024.

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Expert Service at Circa Marine

Our business is boats, and we bring a highly trained, experienced and skilled team to every new build, vessel refit and refurbishment. Whether you already have a design or naval architect in mind or need help finding the right strategy, we work closely with every client to ensure the end result always aligns with the vision.

Our highly qualified team of Boat Builders, Marine Engineers, Marine Electricians and our interior design and fitout team can produce the vessel you require as a one-stop turn-key package.

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At Circa Marine, we always aim to exceed your service, construction and delivery expectations. We have over 30 years of experience in the boat-building business, and our set-up is designed for large-scale projects and expert finishing.

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“As the original buyer of FPB 64 #5 we want to convey our experience with Circa Marine and Industrial during the time we built and owned our vessel. Since we had built and owned 6 different vessels, we researched Circa Marine prior to signing our contract to build our vessel. The experience was without a doubt the best possible outcome we could have imagined. From the very first day to delivery of our vessel Circa Marine excelled in every aspect of the build. The aluminum fabrication was of the highest quality and on time. The systems installed were also of the highest quality and the workmanship was superb. We couldn’t have asked for a better company to work with and our after delivery support never stopped.
The big question is, would we build another vessel with Circa Marine and the answer is absolutely we would.”

John and Sandra Henrichs