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Your Vision, Our Craft: Collaborating with Circa Marine to Craft Your Ideal Superyacht

Deciding you are ready to build the boat of your dreams is an incredibly exciting moment, and most people have been thinking about the intricacies of what this looks like for many years before putting plans into action

Superyacht fabrication is a very particular art form, and when you are investing in a vision of this size, it’s important to have the right team behind you in order to bring that vision to life. There is a huge range of practical and aesthetic design points to be considered, and the primary element of a successful project is a collaborative approach with a crew that is able to deliver a turnkey solution.

Choosing to collaborate with superyacht fabrication specialists who are able to offer you a highly polished and professional service across design, mechanical and electrical installation, interior fit-out, vessel refit, refurbishment, and painting will ensure that you receive streamlined, end-to-end service.

At Circa Marine, superyacht fabrication is one of the things we do best - and we have over 40 years of aluminium boat-building experience under our belts to back us up. Here, we will chat about the process we set in motion when you get in touch with us to build your dream boat.


Service from Stern to Bow and Beyond
If you are looking for a comprehensive boat-building service, you are guaranteed to find it when you engage Circa Marine for your superyacht project. We have our own design team and have collaborated with industry giant Dashew across the years to produce some of the best aluminium offshore cruising vessels currently out on the ocean. 

Out of years of experience building the FPB range for Dashew emerged our passion project, where we have taken our extensive knowledge and experience and applied it to our own range of 20-24 metre Circa offshore passagemakers and explorer vessels.

Our Collaborative Process
At Circa Marine, all of our superyacht fabrication work is completed in-house by our highly skilled NZMITO-trained staff and having our own foundry makes it easy to customise your design to your specifications. 

Read on to discover the process we have in place to ensure smooth sailing from day one to the launch of your new vessel.

The Design
We can work with your designer, and we have relationships with world-class marine design experts across the globe. It is always our goal to integrate as many of the design features you want into your project as possible, and we utilise cutting-edge design technology so that you are able to visualise the finished product before we start building.

Contract Negotiations
Working out the detailed parameters of your project in advance ensures that everyone involved understands what is required and that all rights and obligations are clear. 

Our team can provide valuable feedback as you negotiate terms, including your budget and the vibration and noise levels that will be produced by your finished vessel. We can help you decide how delays will be approached, and what kinds of penalties will be put in place should any party involved in your superyacht fabrication project fail to meet their delivery promises.

Expert Project Management
We are here to ensure that your entire project goes smoothly, and we can liaise on your behalf with your designer, marine architect, and the shipyard - basically anyone you need us to manage during your superyacht fabrication. We centre your goals and preferences every step of the way, and we understand and implement the most cost-efficient pathways to completion.

Testing and Delivery
As your superyacht fabrication project draws to a close, we begin rigorous testing - these tests are called sea trials. This is how we make certain that your vessel is fit for purpose and that every element and system that has been installed is going to work to the desired specifications; that way, when you set sail, you will be able to trust every component on your yacht to do its job to keep you safe at sea. 

Launch Day!!
All the hard work has been pointing to this moment, where your dream has become a reality, and your vessel is ready to launch. This is the moment when you will want to ensure you have the final element in place - a bottle of good champagne!

Ongoing Support
Alongside exceptional skill, service and delivery systems, Circa Marine are with you for the long haul. We love to maintain long term relationships with everyone we build with and we are always on board for technical maintenance and after sales support - no matter where you may be in your journey around the globe.

Get in Touch
For superyacht fabrication with the very best craftsman, technicians and engineers, contact Circa Marine today - let’s set your dreams in motion.



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