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Lets get to know her, part 4 - Systems.

Circa 24m #02 - "Deo Juvante" Lets get to know her, part 4 - Systems.


The Circa 24m driveline consists of ZF propellors and gearboxes, these were specified to best match the MAN engines to produce the best performance and economy for this vessel. ZF and LOMOcean Design collaborated closely to ensure this brief is met, something which has been very successful on both Mollymawk and Deo Juvante.


Visible in this shot are the deep skegs offering a high degree of protection for both the propellors and rudders.

Pictured above are some of the driveline components their raw form before being machined, assembled and fitted. The driveline components, Engine, Gearbox, Shafts, couplings, alternators, exhausts etc… all arrive as seperate components with a high degree of design, machine and fabrication to bring them all together in a functional and reliable driveline system. Our experienced team have the knowledge and skill required to produce this to a very high standard, keeping access and serviceability at the forefront of the process.

Seen here in the completed engine room the MAN Engines sit unencumbered.


With sculptured exhaust system, guard rails, raw water filters all easily serviced and accessible. The lift out floor grates provide full visibility into the bilge to highlight any future emerging maintenance requirement. The rudders have been engineered with performance in all conditions from dockside manoeuvring to surfing at speed safely and perform with ease.

The steering system is developed in house bringing together components and systems, we know work well in our application. We provide both a high level of redundancy and safety, but more importantly, we have kept the operation and integration of these simple. We discovered long ago that redundancies only have value when they can be instinctively executed without fuss or complexity.

The Lazarette houses the steering components as well as providing a comfortable workshop space, with storage space for spares, tools and essential items.


The electrical systems are critically important to the safety and durability required for extended cruising.

The electrical design which includes physical mockups are all part of the process. Victron systems provide all the onboard power and interface for power control. Consideration is given for ventilation & future maintenance.


The vessel control centre is located midships with easy access to monitor and control all essential power systems Maretron features extensively aboard “Deo Juvante” with a comprehensive package allowing both vessel systems monitoring and control from this control centre, helm or even onboard iPad.


All systems are designed with redundancies in mind to provide confidence at sea. There is a full compliment of systems required for life at sea, please enquire for more detail.

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