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Circa 24m #02 - “Deo Juvante”

Let's get to know her, Part 1 - Flybridge Deck.

Deo Juvante’s owner had a vision of a modern “Rocketship” styled helm with easy flowing access to the full walk-around flybridge with easy transition via the Portuguese helm to the foredeck in what seems only a few steps.

Side entry doors port and starboard provide easy egress from the wheelhouse to access the walkway.


The “Rocketship” style allows for comfortable and immersive control during passages with all the information and control at hand, importantly the view from this position is unobstructed providing 360˚ viability ensuring the safety of all on board. The colour and material selection is chosen not only for an elegant business like look but to enhance night operation with light soaking materials preventing any light wash or reflections on the glass. The electronics package which we will talk about in another post is extensive and supports safe and comfortable operation. Another feature is the “Standing Helm” (seen below), this is a portion of the Rocketship helm designed for manoeuvring the vessel from the best viewpoint directly next to the doorway, where helming this vessel in/out of tight locations is easy and supported by camera views that can be displayed on the relevant monitors.


The Aft of the Flybridge houses a communications desk with PC, Navtex, SSB, Iridium GMDSS, barograph etc… providing a hub for planning and running the vessel, hard to imagine an office with better views than this, also a full size chart table and chart drawers between the helm and coms desk.


Seen from above the generous upper sun deck and full walkaround can be seen, keeping the upper deck clear leaves plenty of room to set out deck chairs/loungers table as the day suits.

A shade sail is easily deployed spanning from the flybridge roof to the davit to shelter from the sum when things get a bit too warm. Of course when passage making there is ample room for tender and toy storage on this deck.


The images below give some sense of just how easy the path is from the standing helm just inside the door, around the walkway leading to the steps to the foredeck, the ease of this transition or the ability to communicate from the Portuguese bridge cannot be overstated.

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