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Thermal & acoustic Insulation

In a previous post we looked at part of the heating system in our 24m boats, an important feature on its own, but without a well designed and installed insulation system, all the benefits from heating and cooling can be lost very quickly.  We have always looked for and obtained expert advice where we need to, so Circa has collaborated with companies in New Zealand and Australia to deliver a custom insulation package for our boats.




Very early in the design process, it was established that the owner had a keen involvement and well-rounded understanding of the desired comfort levels aboard. That focus on performance – fire, thermal, noise & vibration - continued with Circa Marine’s project team discussing in-depth details of best insulation practices with the Pyrotek NC team in New Zealand and Australia.




Through an open discussion of possibilities, what could and should be done – ensuring passenger safety and comfort,  Pyrotek used their extensive know-how, experience, & engineering tools for predicted transmission losses , calculated thermal performances in varying circumstances –  developing  a total comfort customised solution – encompassing materials for vibration damping & isolation, reduction of air-borne transferred noise and reverberation, incorporating thermal and fire solutions within the weight and cost allowances and delivered on time.




The internal aluminium plating and elements were coated in Pyrotek Decicoat T35 Thermal anti-condensation and corrosion insulation, this is a water-based spray on coating that combines thermal and vibration damping properties with further thermal and acoustic insulation such as Pyrotek Sorberpoly added above this in many areas.  Machinery areas have Decidamp Soundpaint, this is a high performance, fast drying, water based viscoelastic vibration damping compound with Thermal insulating properties.




In the voids and other spaces, Pyrotek Sorberpoly and Quadzero acoustic, and thermal insulation has been installed. A comprehensive System was developed for the Engine room and machinery spaces for thermal and acoustic isolation and fire protection.

The final result is an insulation package that exceeds anything Circa has ever installed in any of our previous builds, and will guarantee owner comfort in both high latitude and tropical situations.


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