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Underfloor heating, a first for Circa

As part of the design process, we wanted to make sure our boats offered our customers not only safety and economy, but also comfort, so we have created an environment that will be controllable and will be a ‘nice place to be’ when exploring the higher latitudes.  Circa Marine is taking comfort to a new level in our range of boats, with the addition of underfloor heating, a system we have never installed on previous vessels, yet it has so many benefits over traditional heating methods.

The heating system consists of John Guest “speed fit” Underfloor heating components combined with a high efficiency 24v DC Diesel Burner with variable output, which is fitted throughout the accommodation and living areas on the Circa 24m. This heating system is coupled with an extensive insulation package which has been developed by insulation engineers in Australia and New Zealand specifically for these vessels.

With traditional heating systems it is typical to experience hot and cold zones throughout the vessel and even within a room, especially the surfaces and floor tends to retain a cool layer of air around them and are typically cool to touch, with under floor heating covering a large surface area warmth will evenly drift up from the floor and through all the attached surfaces creating a consistent comfortable temperature that can be set to the owners preference within safe predetermined parameters.



Aft Cabin



Forward Cabin



Fwd En Suite






Main Saloon

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