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Custom Yachts Redefined: Circa Marine’s Art of Tailored Yacht Building in New Zealand

The world of luxury boating is constantly evolving and developing towards becoming more convenient, more luxurious, and more aesthetically desirable. You need an experienced team to create comfort at sea, and you want them to bring that experience to the table alongside a desire to remain current.

Circa Marine is a team of New Zealand yacht builders redefining what it means to be a part of this industry. A collection of NZMITO-trained marine technicians, engineers, and designers, this team boasts decades of collective experience in designing, refitting, and building international luxury vessels.

Read on to discover what makes Circa Marine a standout in the yacht-building industry.


The Circa Marine Difference

What is the thing that really makes this team different? A true passion for excellence. Every rivet, panel, and line of our yachts is in pursuit of creating the ultimate vessel for our clients. We pride ourselves on carefully incorporating individual client specifications, going above and beyond to bring their visions to life.

Our standards are self-imposed, constantly driving us to be better. With over forty years of proven history building high-quality aluminium vessels, we’re connected to the best marine architects, engineers, and suppliers all over the world. This network, combined with our extensive expertise in creating unique yachts for creative international customers, is what makes us an industry leader.


Designs Embodying Our Unique Yacht-Building Approach

Whether it’s including multiple deck configurations or expanding the capabilities of the latest superyachts, we’re constantly seeking new ways to give our clients the ultimate sea-faring experience.

In that pursuit, we create base designs with customisable configurations that give our clients a canvas to work with. Explore some of the designs below that demonstrate our dedication to our craft.

The Circa 40m Explorer

The Circa 40m Explorer is a love letter to long sea journeys, boasting an incredibly innovative design backed by LOMOcean Marine of New Zealand. Designed specifically for marine adventurers, this vessel offers comfort, elegance, and safety to anyone planning to explore the vast expanse of the open seas.

Features of this stunning design include:

·        Spacious accommodations for up to 8 guests

·        A full beam owner/VIP suite

·        Crew’s quarters for up to 8 individuals

·        Deck room for customised additional vehicles, including miniature submarines and helicopters

This vessel is designed to be, above all else, a haven. No matter the bay or anchorage, the owner of this vessel will know what it feels like to relax in every corner of the world in the lap of luxury.

circa 40m


The Circa 24m Adventurer

For a practical approach, you might choose the revolutionary 24m Adventurer. Created by the Circa Marine team as a vessel for open sea exploration, this vessel boasts a robust aluminium construction without too much complexity. The Circa 24 is designed to take the stress out of open sea adventures for small crews, single sea-farers, and research teams who need to reach the corners of the ocean.

With easy-to-understand systems, this vessel can hit the great blue with a minimal crew. With 20 offshore passage-making explorer yachts under their belt, the Circa Marine team is the most experienced builder of adventurer's vessels in the 20 to 30m range.

This allows us to bring a unique level of experience to your build, weaving careful design features into the boat to make it more economical over long distances. These additions include a recyclable aluminium hull, a sleek design, and an incredibly efficient conventional engine and driveline system. Altogether, this is enough to potentially outpace all other economy-level adventure yachts.

circa 24m adventure


The Evolved Circa SXV 40

The Circa Marine team is defined by its commitment to evolution and innovation, driven by constant feedback from customers, naval architects, and world-renowned designers. One vessel that demonstrates this commitment is the evolved version of the SXV 40. A stunning motor yacht design, this is the ultimate versatile vessel.

The new iteration of this design has come a long way from its initial release, offering more space and versatility for configurations at the discretion of the client. The most prominent shift is the provision of more indoor living space; this design boasts ample room to customise the vessel for entertainment, research, or transport.

Across these and other designs, the ability to customise our vessels stands out, with our team offering class-leading expertise to produce a vessel that meets your specific needs.


You’ve seen the rest, now experience the best.

From interior refits to concept to completion design, the team at Circa Marine does it all. If you’re ready to break into the world of yacht ownership, begin by getting in touch with our trained design team for an initial consultation.

As the leading New Zealand yacht builders, we’re primed to create the yacht of your dreams while ensuring all sea-faring standards are met. Ready to begin your adventure? Reach out to the Circa Marine team today.


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