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Elevating Your Vessel: The Benefits of Custom Marine Joinery by Circa Marine

There is an art to achieving a streamlined and elegant design, especially when it comes to the interior of your luxury vessel. So, what better way to elevate your lifestyle at sea than with custom marine joinery that oozes comfort and utilises form and function to create a marriage of style and convenience? 


Many yacht owners treat their vessel as a second home. You may stay overnight frequently or spend weeks at sea at a time. When you spend that much time onboard, you want your boat to include all the elements you love in your primary home. 


That’s where the Circa Marine team comes in. 


Our custom marine joinery services are second to none, promising premium craftsmanship and attention to detail. We have extensive experience working on craft across a wide range of applications, from workboats and commercial ferries to fishing vessels, all the way to the most opulent super yachts. 


Our team of NZMITO-trained staff is committed to providing timely solutions for our customers without compromising on a superior level of quality. 


Read on to discover how we can transform your vessel into a floating haven you won’t want to leave. 


Bespoke Marine Joiners

At Circa Marine, we are custom marine joinery specialists, and our team is made up of master craftsmen who produce interior and exterior fixtures designed and built to withstand the extreme conditions found at sea.


Our custom marine joinery is finished to the highest standard and robust enough to handle the vagaries of years of salt spray, harsh UV rays, high humidity levels, strong winds and changeable conditions. This specialist trade requires precision, and our team has the training, skills and expertise you need to achieve the highest standards for your vessel.


Our marine joiners assist with everything from elegant cabinetry and feature windows to custom furniture and comprehensive internal fit-outs. When you choose Circa Marine, we will work alongside you to achieve your ideal outcome, always considering your style preferences and timeline requirements so we can bring your custom vision to life in line with your plans to hit the high seas.  


Sleek Interiors 


When you want to create a rich interior landscape, it’s all about a superior finish. We combine our extensive custom marine joinery knowledge with cutting-edge technology to achieve this. Our interiors are made by first employing 3D parametric modelling and then cut using Computer Numerical Control for absolute accuracy.  


Elegant Cabinetry

We specialise in creating one-of-a-kind cabinetry anywhere you require elegant storage and living solutions. A compact approach is vital at sea, and this starts with precisely tailored design plans that allow you to hit every item on your wishlist while forefronting functional thinking. 

Whether working with solid wood or veneer panelling, our custom marine joinery approach will provide the necessary utility without sacrificing aesthetics. With a broad range of tones and finishes, your cabinetry will form a vital part of your interior landscape, contributing to a seamless overall look and feel.


Windows & Doors

Marine doors need to be crafted strong and watertight, with excellence, flair and a high level of built-in safety. We custom-build marine windows and doors to your ideal size and shape and install them accurately to prevent drafts, noisy creaks and damage. We provide a variety of frame types for fixed, awning and sliding windows and can also work with you to design feature windows and stateroom doors. 

Custom Furniture
Nothing says luxury quite like custom furniture. From interior and exterior bench seats to coffee tables, bunk beds, lockers, wine storage and bookshelves, our marine joiners are adept at creating world-class interiors and can assist you with personalised touches to infuse your taste throughout the overall design.  


In addition to typical furnishings, our marine joiners can install chic stone countertops or other solid surfaces for your galley or head. Ensuring a high level of detail and care, these heavier features are designed to work with the undulations of your vessel, balancing weight and durability to provide good-looking details that lean toward longevity.


Underfoot Considerations

It’s not all about furnishings, windows and doors. Our custom marine joinery services include work on decking and flooring for a complete, finished appearance. Whether you’re looking to replace an old deck or make some additions to an existing one, we will provide you with a stylish outcome that can withstand the environmental elements every vessel faces.

If you want to customise your interior floors with specific designs, colours or finishes, we can help. Many owners opt for wooden floors for warm tones and a refined appearance, and we are always happy to discuss the benefits of different high-grade marine quality materials with you towards your desired outcome. 


Refits & Repairs

Our marine joiners are skilled at refits and repairs, both minor and major in scale. If you are restoring a craft to its former glory, we can help you update any chosen features to match a particular style or era – or we can offer contemporary custom marine joinery refinements to elevate appearance and utility.

If you need repairs or replacement, from decking to cabinet latches, or if you are seeking extensive developments, such as refurbishing a stateroom or converting one cabin into two, we can help. 



Contact Circa Marine For Premium, Personalised Joinery


Only the most experienced marine joiners can accomplish the art of quality, practical and eye-catching interiors for luxury vessels. 

At Circa Marine, we use only the finest materials and tools, and our joiners have a real passion for the work.

If you want to stand out and enhance your home away from home with opulent interior features that are sure to turn heads, contact us today to get started. 


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