Matts blog 15

May 20, 2014 | General

Matts blog 15

Matts blog 15

8000 miles from New Zealand, 600 more till Panama. 3 more days. Each hundred miles is starting to feel longer than the previous and we are all looking forward to solid land. We have become a nest for half a dozen ocean birds with wing spans of aproximately a metre. They are huge, and judging by the mess all over the decks, are well fed. Yesterday we passed a couple of ocean turtles sunbathing, it was the calmest day we have had all trip, no swell no wind and no clouds, so we stopped the boat for a swim. Before we could jump in the water, a fin appeard above the water 20 odd meters away from the boat, naturally we initially thought it was a shark. Luckily it was a dolphin and it was the first of dozens to surface, they swam lazily all around the bow of the boat and werent at all bothered by us swimming with them. Quite a wicked feeling swimming in 4km deep water with the closest land beeing the south coast of mexico, 700 miles away, in 32 degree celcius water, surrounded by dolphins. Our days of seeing no other vessels have ended and we seem to be seeing plenty of boats, making night watches far more interesting and enjoyable. We passed a 70m tuna boat hauling in its net 1 mile off our starboard. The boat's fish spotting helicopter took off and flew several low and tight circles round us. At first we thought he was telling us to back off but he was just having a nosy, he possibly thought we were fishing competition due to the booms over the aft deck. On my night watch last night the high frequency long range (DSC) radio alarm went off. I didnt no what it was to start with and it was a ridiculously loud, high pitched, police car sounding siren. Once the alarm stopped we tuned in and could just make out the sound of U.S coastguard trying to aquire the position of the vessel making the distress call, the response was not in English. Peter decided it was from to far away for us to be of any asistance. Our closest land currently is Costa Rica, 260 miles North East of us. We seem to have lost the ITCZ counter currents and our ETA Panama is now may the 20th at 10 am local, aproximately 3 am on the 21st New Zealand time.
At 17/05/2014 12:59 (utc) our position was 06°59.45'N 088°47.27'W course 085T speed 8.1 True Wind Direction 224T True Wind Speed9.4

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