Matts blog 11

Apr 29, 2014 | General

Matts blog 11 

Matts blog 11 

Fakarava was incredible. For an atoll the size of a pin-prick on a Pacific ocean chart, it was huge. Once we got inside through a narrow channel it opened out to resemble a huge tropical salt water lake that from one side you could not see the other. At anchor we had turtles sunbathing around the boat and a constant supply of massive tropical fish swimming past. Unfortunately the dive charter was fully booked and the best place to dive was in the current of the entrance as apparently you drift through the opening and past schools of feeding fish, sharks, dolphins and turtles, not the sort of dive I wanted to do solo and am gutted I missed out. Did a lot of free diving on a reef off the back of the boat, ben saw his first ray and we both saw our first clams and small sea snakes. The clams were huge and incredible to see. No one felt like cooking while there, so the first night Ben and I went ashore, wondered around and stumbled across a take away burger bar which went down a treat after the 30 minute wait. By the time we got back to the boat with the takeaways the oldies were all asleep. The second night we all went ashore to a island style restaurant. Well they called it a restaurant. We all had a huge serving of steak and chips, was actually delicious. Our trip to Fakarava was far from comfortable and for the first time on the trip crew had to strap themselves to their beds, considering it only lasted about 15 hours it was actually quite a fun experience. It just goes to show how much these boats really can handle. Thankfully leaving Fakarava the sea had died down and its been quite pleasant since we left. Early last night I caught my first tuna, it was similar length to the wahoo we caught but as fat as a basket ball. Peter has gone very quickly from complaining about lack of fish to complaining about to much fish as the huge steaks I filleted have filled the freezer and I'm now banned from fishing until its eaten. Still can't win. We are 340 miles away from nuka hiva, our last stop before the huge leg to Panama. Looks like this will be a nice couple of days, hopefully not speaking to soon again.
At 28/04/2014 02:27 (utc) our position was 12°36.88'S 142°54.72'W course 039T speed 8.5 True Wind Direction 084T True Wind Speed9.8

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