Over the date line and making great progress

Apr 2, 2014 | General

Over the date line and making great progress. At 26/03/2014 20:05 (UTC) our position was 29°10.04′S 170°15.85′W, Course 055° True, Speed 9.7knots.

Grey Wolf positions - 26 March 2014

26/03/2014 20:05 (UTC)
Position: 29°10.04′S 170°15.85′W
Course: 055° True
Speed: 9.7knots

We’re over the date line and making great progress. Everything’s going well and we’re all in good spirits with GREY WOLF powering along nicely. Last night, all of our Nav equipment went down for a short period of time but it didn’t affect me as I slept through the commotion.

Still not caught any tuna fish – or anything else for that matter – using the squid lure set up on the game fishing rod, although we are constantly trolling some hand lines so there is hope of hooking something yet.

Landfall in Tahiti is starting to feel like a reality as it grows ever closer. It’s an exciting prospect and being a crew member arriving by sea in such a cool part of the world makes me wonder what I did right! And now we’ve a bonus on the horizon.

En route to Tahiti there is a proper SouthSea island called Mangaia surrounded by coral reefs. All the crew are up for checking it out as we go past. The detour isn’t big so the plan is to anchor up there for a day or so. It only has a population of around 600 and I can’t imagine many boats go there, so the thought of setting foot on it is a serious turn-on. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance for me. That first swim in the lagoon behind the reef is going to be a blast!



Hi Jack

Sorry you haven’t caught anything edible yet. Back to the baked beans eh? I chatted to Steve Dashew last night and he said he never caught much either. I used to do quite well with a squid lure, a piano wire trace and a long shark line backed up with a bit of inner tube tied into the inboard end so as to shorten the line. When something hit it, the inner tube stretched out and you knew you were in the money. Mind you, I was going a LOT slower than you in my old sailing boat!

What Steve and I want to know is this: Who is getting the best surfing speeds? Brits or Kiwi? Another interesting thing that came up was about steering the boat and autopilot settings. Are you trying to keep her dead straight, or do you allow her to yaw a few degrees either side, then let her come back in her own sweet time? It’s all new to me and I’m dying to learn about this stuff. Anything you can pass on would be great.

By the way. What happened to the nav? Did someone lean on a switch after a glass of rum, or was there a fault that the boys had to trace? It’d be good to be in the loop.

Keep on trucking. Mangaia sounds like the stuff of dreams!


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