Grey Wolf - The long voyage home.- Update

Mar 27, 2014 | Marine General

Grey Wolf is on the way, Matt our man on board has sent his first report.

We are now 700 miles off New Zealand and starting to feel incredibly small. We are averaging a 2.5m swell but for the most of the time it's so widely spaced that it hasn't been too uncomfortable. Most of the others guys were quite sick for the first couple of days but seem to have come right now, with the help of good pills and a bit of luck seasickness hasn't affected me, yet. The night sky is pretty incredible without any light pollution, the whole sky is almost silver due to the amount of stars, tend to see a shooting star every couple of minutes. Peter cooked dinner the other night consequently the forward toilet is blocked, bit to rough and the forepeak is a bit to heavily packed to do anything about it yet. We have decided to check out a small island called Mangaia, which is located 100 miles south of Rarotonga. As far as fishing goes we have had one lure broken off and are yet to land anything decent. However we have been bombarded by a school of flying fish, 4 of which landed on the deck. Peter seems to think this makes the fishing score Poms-4 Kiwis-0. I'm far to outnumbered to argue this but not giving up yet. Weather has been great so far but forecast suggesting our luck will change in a couple of days. Nothing to panic about but we will be taking storm preparations fairly seriously. It's quite incredible doing a trip like this full stop let alone on a boat you contributed to the build of. Despite pre trip concern boredom has not been an issue at all, you simply don't have time to get bored, between watches you get time for a couple of hours sleep, a feed and a bit of study. Dinners have been top notch, breakfast and lunches have been each to there own and the system along with cleaning and watch rosters have been working out very well. All in all, so far so good.


At 26/03/2014 00:19 (utc) our position was 30°55.21'S 173°25.72'W course 053T speed 9.6

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