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Thinking of your next boat? Don't let Covid delay your future


The  ‘New Normal’ Covid world we are all now living in has certainly made a lot of people take stock of their lives and seems to have caused a growing number to think about what’s important to them. This time to reflect and plan has given opportunity to dream about changing their lifestyle, consider their future plan and outlook on life.


Over the past 12 months or so we have been having more and more conversations with people from all over the world about this very thing, usually the conversation will start with “We have been thinking about up sizing (or down sizing) our current boat in the next 2 -5 years ’ so from that initial starting point we go on to talk about what they really want to do with the boat, what is their operating profile, we discuss the merits of one hull form over another, how much accommodation, the value of eco technologies such as kite sails or hybrid technology, accommodation, range, speed and of course, budgets and timeframes.


We have found over the last 12 months the delivery and lead times of imported items into NZ has been growing as production output around the world has been affected by various lockdowns and shipping difficulties which has also impacted on our delivery timeframe.


With the roll out of vaccines around the world and countries beginning to open up their borders, cruising options will expand to accommodate peoples plans and dreams within the next couple of years.


So if you are seriously considering going cruising in 2 to 4 years time, then you really do need to start talking to us now.  The typical timeline for a new build involves around 2- 6 months of design and  specification work we have to undertake before the actual build can start, and with the current build time for a new Circa 24m of around 20 -24 months its easy to see that if you want to be enjoying the boat in 2- 4 years, then the sooner you start the ball rolling the sooner you will take ownership of your new vessel.


In todays high tech world the ability to communicate and share drawings, progress photo’s and video walkthroughs, negates the closed borders during the build process essentially bringing the build to you. Here at Circa we work with our clients to ensure that they are kept well informed and current with all aspects of the build making the build truly a team effort.



We have been fortunate here in NZ to remain in production with only small interruptions of short covid lockdowns, our confidence is high that this pattern should continue especially as our vaccine rollout is now well underway.


Time goes really quick when you have a deadline in mind, don't allow perceived barriers delay your dreams becoming reality, contact us now.


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