Matts blog 9

Apr 17, 2014 | General

Matts blog 9

Matts blog 9 

Aft toilet holding tank, fixed. Forward shower drain pump, serviced, fixed. Stabilizer issue, solved, awaiting warranty part delivery. Generator impellor, replaced, fixed. Today is captain Peter’s birthday, reaction based theory suggests, not 65 yet. On our last stock up at the super market in Tahiti Peter and Tony purchased a supply of unknown white wine. Upon sampling decided they cant stand it, and Peter has banned me from beer until I finish all the wine, heavy headed mornings have become rather familiar. We are still at Mo’orea, and likely to be here until Tuesday, due to Easter delaying the delivery process of the parts we need. All issues seem to be fixed or at least understood and repair underway, prompting a far more relaxed atmosphere. Last night was my night to cook dinner, so I took the dinghy ashore, found a caravan selling whole spit roast chicken and potato salads. Didn’t even have to clean up, awesome. I have been told by one of the locals a good spot for diving with turtles so I am about to jump in the dinghy and go try my luck. so far so good.

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