All quiet in Mo’orea

Apr 14, 2014 | General

All quiet in Mo’orea

All quiet in Mo’orea

10/04/2014 07:08 (UTC)  Position: 17°30.88'S 149°51.10'W - moored Wind Direction 145°T  True Wind Speed 3.3

10/04/2014 07:08 (UTC)
Position: 17°30.88′S 149°51.10′W – moored
Wind Direction 145°T
True Wind Speed 3.3
Chart from MERIDIAN CHARTWARE using data
derived from material supplied by UKHO

We have made it to Mo’orea! It is lovely here but you’ll have to wait till we arrive back in Tahiti for WiFi to send any pictures over.

You asked about our provisioning for the coming passage:

Well, we’re in great shape. We’ve fresh fruit, eggs and a freezer-full of meat which we hope will last the whole trip, so there is no danger of us going hungry. Tony, the resident chef, dishes up fresh bread most days and, of course, we also have our secret weapon, Matt, the resident fisherman. Much as we hate to admit it, he’s come up with a couple of great catches. Actually, we ripped into his efforts last night with a wahoo caught on the way up from New Zealand baked in a fish pie.

The cargo I mentioned that we were stowing down low is nothing exciting, really. No barrels of doubloons or tubs of whale oil. Only spare parts for essential systems, tools and more food stores. We did refuel today when leaving Tahiti and we loaded 5646 litres. It took a couple of hours to fill. Not the most thrilling job, but it has to be done!

The passage across to Mo’orea was pretty painless and you’ll be pleased to hear that I wasn’t seasick, but it’s only 10 miles and the sea was calm. We may not be here long because the news is that the radar could arrive in Tahiti tomorrow or Friday. Hopefully, then, we’ll be on our way by the weekend.

It was my turn to cook tonight and I treated the team to a hot Mexican chili soaked up with jacket potatoes. First signs were that it went down well, but we’ll give it some time, hey?

Matt and I are hoping to do some exploring tomorrow. We’ve a job list as long as your arm, so the sooner we get it done, the more of Mo’orea we’ll see!


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