Matts blog #2

Mar 31, 2014 | General

The second installment of Matt's adventures.

4 Poms ,1 kiwi is starting to take its toll. They don't seem to understand probability and genuinely believe they are better at everything, one of them even said it was the English influence that made oracle beat us in the Americas cup… dreamers. Even Mr Dashew has joined in on the banter, I think he might just be trying to win Peter over however. I managed to unblock the toilet with the verbal assistance of Peter over my shoulder and the only other problem we have encountered was all the beer in the fridge burst, which over filled the condensation drain bottle and flooded the basement. "the kiwis fault" I have learnt a lot so far and don't see the learning coming to an end any time soon. I can now efficiently read paper charts and am getting better at accurate course plotting with consideration for magnetic variation along with tidal and wind influence. Beginning to cover basic meteorology and forecasting also. Dashew sent Peter an email regarding concerns for "the kiwis" comfort and advised us on some programmable settings in the autopilot and stabilizer control systems, it made a noticeable difference and the boat is moving in a far smoother motion now. The water temperature is now over 27 degrees and without the air conditioning its incredibly hot during both day and night. The weather has deteriorated and we have been advised not to stop or slow down as there is a relatively large tropical low forming behind us. We are now 1300 miles from New Zealand and have finally accustomed ourselves to the messy sleeping pattern caused by the watch timetable. Dinners are still high quality, last night jack made a beef risotto with brownies for desert. The brownies were so good that Peter was to indulged to even make one smart remark. Couldn't have asked for a better crew for my first ocean crossing, the combined knowledge of Peter Tony and Jeff is very interesting and in terms of safety leaves you no doubt. The non stop banter combined with continual learning is making the trip incredibly worth while and enjoyable. So far so good.


At 28/03/2014 20:34 (utc) our position was 24°58.42'S 162°53.99'W course 058T speed 9.6

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