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Jun 9, 2014 | General

matts blog 20

matts blog 20

Arriving in Bermuda at night proved difficult. We had to navigate a small cut in the reef with high rock walls barely double the width of the boat, in which peter was convinced we had a power steering issue. Luckily we found out later that there was no issue with the steering and there must have just been a strong current with us minimalizing the flow of water over the rudder. Bermuda is an absolutely beautiful place, i really liked in particular the smooth concrete houses painted in all sorts of colours with clean white rooves. I was lucky enough to see most of the sites, initially on jetskis and secondly on mopeds. Met some incredible people and i can't get over just how friendly and relaxed everyone we met were, everyone but customs. I found out from talking to a local that two men had made it into the country on a boat without passports a couple of weeks ago and had been picked up, this explained customs hostility. I spent the better half of a day checking the cooling system on the engine, only thing i found was two well worn anodes and strainers full of jelly fish.  Jelly fish we think were from around the boat in the port when we arrived as there were a few in the water.  Going back to our original thought now, that there isn't anything wrong and the engine was just warming up slightly due to the head sea and extremely warm sea water. Free diving down to clean the propeller and rudder i noticed the propeller anode was missing, luckily we had a spare one on board and i managed to hold my breath for long enough to swim down and fit it. I was originally supposed to be flying home from the last land after the Panama canal but due to my replacement pulling out i have been asked to stay on board the hole way to the U.K. Our next stop is the Portugueese Azores, we should be there in approximately 8 days.

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