Matts blog 19

Jun 9, 2014 | General

Matts blog 19

Matts blog 19

10,000 miles already. doesn't feel like it at all, looking at the map it still hasn't sunk in just how far we already have been. we are just over 100 miles from Bermuda and will be arriving sometime in the middle of the night tonight. Got lucky with 3 days of nice weather and still water, came to an end and it has roughed up again, not bad enough to complain about but not ideal. wind got up to 25 knots last night, just enough to make the seemingly freezing rain flow horizontally while i was on the fly bridge wrestling a vibrating  gate that was driving us mad. Bermuda is similar mileage from the equator as New Zealand, obviously in the opposite direction, but the climate is slowly feeling more like home. Except for the water temperature which is still over 25 degrees. we will carry on North East at the same pace until we arrive at Bermuda but Peter has just discovered boats aren't to enter at night, so we may be repeating our Rarotongan mission by pacing outside the island as it will be far to rough to drop anchor anywhere. Especially given that Bermuda is basically just a huge reef. Haven't quite got into the right sleeping pattern on this trip, which strangely hasn't been a problem until now, and haven't been able to sleep at all at night. The more tired you get the more coffee you drink to stay awake on your watch and then the more you can't sleep, making me really look forward to land. Since the drop in water temperature we haven't had any more engine temperature alarms, we will still check the inter cooler and heat exchanger but now believe it was more likely due to running at high revs into a heavy head sea in 32 degree water. Now that the sea is on the beam and water temperature is down 6 degrees we have even lifted the revs further and still not had an issue. If their is sufficient internet In Bermuda i will post some more photos to the circa facebook page.

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