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Jun 9, 2014 | General

matts blog 18matts blog 18
The sea didn't smooth out until we reached the west coast of Jamaica. we cruised up the west end and along the north coast merely 4 miles off taking up the better part of a day, yesterday, with a dolphin escort at sunrise. i was quite surprised at how built up the country is, the north coast had many high rise buildings and modern looking hotels, along with the white walled and orange roofed Caribbean bungalows. We decided to carry on to Bermuda and not stop in. Once we cleared the coast and made track for the east end of Cuba, the shelter of land disappeared and the sea went wild again. We altered course 10 degrees north as to not head directly into the waves, aiming closely to Guantanamo bay which is currently on the horizon, about 15 miles off. Peter wants to leave me there. In about ten hours we will pass through the channel between Cuba and Haiti and then head up to the Bahamamas where we will pass 5 miles east of great Inagua and carry on North between 'Mayagauana' and 'Turks and caicos' island. Here we will clear the Caribbean and enter the Atlantic ocean, heading North East for 4 days direct to Bermuda. We have a negative current of 1.5 knots slowing us down unfortunately at the moment, it is only likely to get worse as we round Cuba. However we should pick up the trade winds when we reach the Atlantic which will give us a helpful push north. We have had to limit the revs in the rough seas as we keep getting high engine temperature alarms, suspecting the heat exchanger may be fouling up as we replaced the impellor in Tahiti and are checking the inlet strainers regularly. Will take it off and clean it out in Bermuda. Maps and photos of Bermuda look incredible, can't wait to go for a dive off the reef and im hoping to find a sky diving company as it looks like an aerial view would be the best way to appreciate the place. Tony is hoping to find a golf course where he can play a casual round, i don't understand, 2 months at sea and what he's looking forward to the most, is playing golf? This trip is the first time i have ever left New Zealand, the culture variation around the world i was expecting, but just how different new world European countries are to one another has surprised me. I have been unable to find any sort of meat pie anywhere, bacon is well, just not bacon, if you don't tip anybody that does anything for you, you get looked at like scum and the 4 English men on board have never heard of a butter chicken curry and genuinely believe VW's and Volvos are the best cars ever built. I have gotten used to the tropical heat, i even found myself shivering on watch the other night with the air conditioning on, the temperature inside the boat was 23 degrees, going home is going to be difficult.
At 28/05/2014 11:25 (utc) our position was 19°27.08'N 075°35.07'W course 073T speed 7.9 True Wind Direction 064T True Wind Speed8.4

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