Matts blog 14

May 12, 2014 | General

Matts blog 14

Matts blog 14

The weather has been some what un heard of over the last couple of days. in the middle of the pacific ocean i would have never expected to see glassy millpond water with the only defect being the odd lazy swell rolling past. Not to mention a wind that doesn't no what direction it is going and doesn't gust over 3 knots. Lightly clouded nights looked like a cartoon image, with the clouds  and stars reflecting perfectly on the water surface. Lately we have not seen so much of the light clouds. On the horizon all around us have been storm clouds, we have been completely surrounded by horrific skies yet above us has stayed blue. Until last night, the storm caught up with us, apparently we are on the fringe of a tropical low. Seas have picked up to a consistent 2.5m swell with the more than occasional nock from a 4 meter breaker. Normally in a boat you would change course and head straight for this kind of water, we have not changed course and are running with the waves hitting us side on, still comfortable. The ITCZ counter currents have lived up to their reputation  and at times our actual boat speed has been upto 3 knots more than the speed through the water. We have made significant ground time and our ETA for Panama is looking good, potentially earlier than the 20th. Unfortunately this storm is forecasted to be with us for another 3 or 4 days. Haven't had any more issues, boats holding up well and crew is tired but relaxed and good moods all round.
At 11/05/2014 19:57 (utc) our position was 05°05.89'N 111°44.38'W course 087T speed 9.7 True Wind Direction 186T True Wind Speed18.6


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