Matts blog 12

May 9, 2014 | General

Matts blog 12

Matts blog 12

we arrived at Nuku Hiva at about 2 in the morning, anchored in a bay that seemed empty with the exception of 1 or 2 ais targets and a couple of mast head lights around us. We woke up to find at least 50 boats surrounding us. unfortunately due to the night approach we missed out on, what we found out later to be, picture perfect landscape. We spent two days in the bay, had the most interesting fuel up process we will probably experience all trip, got alot of prep work done for the long trip and relaxed. noticebly the only other boat that had somebody swimming off it was a kiwi crew who later told me the bay was shark infested and other boats had been looking at him as if he was mad. I've still got both my legs so it cant be too bad. i bought a surf board and discovered that the FPB dinghy makes for a perfect tow boat, wouldnt be great if you are after big wake for wakeboarding but for skiing or sea biscuiting it would be perfect. Unfortunately didnt have much luck getting Ben standing on the board behind the boat but managed to get a few good laps of the bay in myself, as did the other kiwi. Nuku Hiva is suprisingly wealthy, every second car is the latest hilux or ford ranger and there is nothing run down about the buildings and housing, guessing it is a holiday location for wealthy Tahitians and we were there over a French Polynesian holiday weekend. When we departed we did manage to get a glimpse of the scenery, the hundred metre tall shear rock faces, with evident trails of lava flow and dozens of layers or different rock composites made for breath taking views. while we were there there was a film crew operating and its easy to see why. As we left, 150 miles north, the ocean went from 2000metres deep to 9 metres deep then dropped back off to 2000 in the space of half an hour. Unfortunately due to the freezer still beeing full of fish, Peter stuck to his rule and would not let me tow a lure over the rise. We are now day two into our 20 day voyage to Panama. Suns out, seas are slight, half a knot of wind, hopefully the weather lasts.
At 03/05/2014 03:10 (utc) our position was 08°00.37'S 139°32.86'W course 025T speed 8.7 True Wind Direction 080T True Wind Speed13.4

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