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Apr 29, 2014 | General

Matts blog 10 

Matts blog 10 

Our 2 weeks in Tahiti has come to an end. Spent yesterday fitting the new hydraulic actuator to the starboard stabiliser and running successful tests. Whilst fitting the new part the cabin temperature of the boat was 36 degrees Celsius, leading to a lot of sweat, which combined with hands covered in hydraulic oil made holding onto tools and parts quite difficult, as grip was non-existent. We stayed the night again at Mo'orea and set off at 4am local time this morning, to promote a early morning arrival time at Fakarava, an atoll 240 miles north east of Tahiti. Fakarava is said to have a small hotel and a pizza bar on it and is one of the worlds best dive spots in terms of aquatic creatures, so we will spend a day and a night here.  Should make for some incredible photos at least. I unfortunately did not manage to find turtles in Tahiti despite a few of the crews on neighbouring boats telling us they had seen them in the bay we were anchored in, and surprisingly we are yet to have had the sight of dolphins in the bow wave. We have however had several albatross flying around the boat for the last couple of hours, they seem to play in a similar manner to dolphins, getting as close to the boat as possible and ducking away at the last second, very cool to watch. Over Easter weekend at mo'orea, the bay we were in filled up with offshore racing yachts competing in the world arc, they were all fascinated hugely by the boat and several crew came aboard for drinks and a bbq. Put a hole lot of different crews each with huge amounts of experience all together, and you end up with a competition for the saltiest sea dog story. After several drinks the competition gets fiercer and the stories get stretched, hilarious to listen too. The weather is great today, 1m chop with a gradual swell rolling past, lights winds and minimal clouds, hopefully it stays like this for the rest of the trip, I doubt it.
At 25/04/2014 06:04 (utc) our position was 16°38.70'S 147°25.37'W course 062T speed 8.0 True Wind Direction 089T True Wind Speed14.3

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