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Apr 7, 2014 | General

We are now about half way between Rarotonga and Tahiti. 2000 miles into our voyage. We spent about 30 hours on Rarotonga, and for me and Jack they were pretty eventfull. We spent the first day hitch hiking around the island and swimming on the reef out side one of the resorts. The next morning we went to hire some mopeds but got a bit carried away and ended up getting a soft top bmw sportster. I bought a queer island style shirt and spent the morning cruising round the island sightseeing and swimming.

The temperature is ridiculous, sea temperature is 29.3 degrees and air temperature is just under 27, the sun only came up an hour ago. Everyone recovered well and things are back to usual after the weather that hit us on Friday, a bit of proper sleep and time on solid ground was all everyone needed.

The boat handled the weather incredibly, no wind damage to any of the covers and at no point during the storm we felt the boat was unsafe. Obviously fruit only lasts a couple of days so it was a bit of a relief to stock up on some of that, Jack bought a watermelon that weighed more than a small child. We didn't manage to get any internet or calling in Rarotonga so will have to wait till Tahiti to make any proper contact, just realised I missed my Dads birthday and am soon to miss my sisters too, some apologetic phone calls are probably in order. We will get to Tahiti in a couple of days, there me and Jeff are going to service the motor and check all the drive gear.

Peter is getting a second radar setup delivered to Tahiti and asked me to fit that wherever possible on the mast. Along with re fuelling the boat we have about a day maybe 2 worth of work to do, then chill out for a couple of days before setting track for Nuka Hiva and the atolls. So far So good.

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