Speed Records and Weather Systems

Apr 2, 2014 | General

Speed Records and Weather Systems | 27/03/2014 17:56 (UTC) | Position: 27°16.96′S 166°55.17′W | Course 058°True | Speed 9.2Knots. Everything on board is still pretty good. It’s warm with calm seas. ‘WeatherBob’, our met router has told us that a tropical storm system is developing to our west, but so long as we don’t slow down it’s unlikely to catch us up. You can really see the difference in the skies. A blanket of cloud from horizon to horizon is making things feel muggy. Trouble is, this new development in the forecast might blow the trip to Mangaia off the cards, which is a shame.

Anyway, on the plus side, I’m pleased to say that the sparrow is still on board and was quite happily perched on my hand this morning. I was on dinner duty tonight and made a vegetable risotto with crispy fried beef. No complaints! It seemed to go down well with the guys.

In reply to your questions

The surfing speed record is of course held by a Brit with a maximum of 14 knots, but in fairness to the Kiwi team, the top reading does depend on who chances on the best wave and wind. Also, there’s only one of him and four of us, so with a 4:1 ratio against him, our Kiwi friend is a little outnumbered.

As to how she steers, we’re really letting GREY WOLF do the work. The autopilot is doing its stuff, so most of our job is just to keep look out. It allows her to yaw a few degrees either side of the track as it’s set up, but she comes back onto course in good time.

The Nav system blow-out wasn’t due to operator error or the influence of good rum…unfortunately. It seems it just crashed and came up with an error message, but was back online in ten minutes. While it was on holiday, our Garmin handheld kept us roughly on track.

Cheers Guys,

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