Day 4 - Settling into the watch system

Apr 2, 2014 | General

Day 4 – Settling into the watch system. Matt & Jack, We have been at sea for four days now, and I think everyone is settling into the routine of things quite well. The days don’t really have a beginning or end as such because we are running a rotating watch system. So you sleep when you can. Lunch is ‘help yourself’ whenever you’re hungry and we have a rota for cooking the evening meal. Matt is on tonight. We also have a general meeting/discussion in the evenings where we talk about the positives and negatives of the day.

The night sky this far out at sea is stunning. I’ve never seen the stars so clearly.

Flying fish have been landing on our decks in the dark hours. A quick count-up around the scuppers this morning revealed that the boat has caught more fish than the on-board Kiwi fisherman.  A further discovery is that a sparrow has stowed away and is now a shipmate. He/she must have hitched a lift from Whangarei. A born traveller.



25/03/2014 21:49 (UTC)
Position: 31°08.23′S 173°50.12′W
Course: 057° True
Speed: 10.2knots

Hi Jack

You’re making such good progress that any day now you’ll find you’ve stopped thinking about New Zealand and your mind is turning more and more to where you’re going. I don’t know why this happens on an ocean passage, but it always seems that way.

We’re all tickled to death about the flying fish. Mrs Cunliffe (Ros to you) was once clobbered in the chest by a big one that flew on board in mid-Atlantic. She was steering in the open cockpit and suddenly, ‘Whack! Flop flop flop!’ as it jetted into her shirt then beat its brains out on the floor. She had been half-asleep and almost passed out with fright.

Tom Cunliffe

Tom Cunliffe

Is your Kiwi trolling for dorado, wahoo, etc as you zoom along? What’s he using for a lure?  And what did he serve up for dinner??

GREY WOLF is keeping up an old tradition where all hands get together around suppertime. In sailing ship days, those were the dog watches (4-6 and 6-8 in the evening). They split the four-hour system at that time to rotate the watch, so nobody had to put up with the graveyard session (0000 – 0400) two nights running.

Say Hi to Peter and the boys!


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