GREY WOLF’s long journey home is now well under way.

Apr 2, 2014 | General

GREY WOLF’s long journey home is now well under way. We cleared customs at Marsden Point on Sunday, released the mooring lines at 12 noon and have been going strong ever since. I myself have not been going so strongly, which gives me some sort of excuse for the delayed arrival of this blog update.

Seasickness gripped me about 5 hours out from New Zealand, and I can tell you it is completely debilitating. I think one of the worst parts about being seasick is knowing that there is nothing you can do to stop it. I mean, you can’t exactly get off the boat and go to the pub instead.

Today, though, it’s all over. I don’t want to die any more. In fact, I’m keen not to. I’m feeling fine, the sun is shining and there is absolutely nothing on the horizon. I’ve heard people say that this is boring but I can’t understand that at all. From where I’m standing out on deck the view of our blue planet is downright stunning. There’s just us with our white wake stretching out astern, surrounded by the sheer vastness of open space and not another thing in sight apart from sea and sky. It really is something.


The Great Circle Route – click to expand

GREY WOLF 18 hours out from New Zealand. The longer southern route with the dog-leg shown here was plotted two days ago in response to potential weather disturbances on the Great Circle. She’s going for the Great Circle right now on 070 Degrees True, bound direct to Tahiti. Wind is S to SSW 12 Knots in calming seas.

Hi Jack

I’m well delighted you recovered so quickly from the dreaded seasickness. What a killer! When I was a young man I’d often get it for three days at the start of a tough trip. It didn’t help to learn that Nelson had it too. I couldn’t have cared. Then one morning I’d wake up for my watch, the nausea had gone as if it had never been and I’d demand a bacon sandwich. Life goes on!

Can you tell us a bit about everyday life on board now you’re at sea?

I’ve plotted your position on the chart and I see you boys have opted for the Great Circle route – so far at any rate, That’s good news. Tahiti here you come. They’re fettling up the grass skirts as we speak!


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